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Meet the OSI Team!

OSI Team

Left to right: Senior Consultants John Fair and Andy Leider, International Programming Consultant Gennifre Hartman, Operations Director Jenny LePage, and President and Founder Aex Kosseff representing OSI at WRMC 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

At OSI we are grateful to work with an incredible team, including some of the most qualified risk management consultants with decades of experience in the outdoor field. While we also work with additional specially skilled reviewers on focused projects and we are thrilled to be able to call on a wider and growing team of consultants as needed, we’d like to help you get to know some of the key players within our group of experts. We had the opportunity for a few interviews at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference in October 2015 that we're sharing here. These simple videos help give voice to the consultants you are likely to work with on your risk management review or other project supporting your program's risk management needs.

The following consultants also share their bios on our OSI Team page.

Andy Leider

Andy Leider is one of our Senior Consultants. With years of outdoor leadership and management experience, he is skilled in working with a wide array of programs. Andy further fine-tuned his consulting around organizational development and culture change. He understands what makes organizations succesful, and when applied to risk management—combining his eye for technicalities with a highly trained ability to identify and transform the human element—he brings a high caliber of insight to programs intent on moving toward functioning at their highest, safest potential. Andy's presence, diplomacy, and skill in the field of outdoor risk management make him a great match for a number of programs we work with.

Andy's response when asked to define risk management culture:


Andy discusses the role of the Outdoor Safety Institute for programs working to improving risk management:


We are gifted to have Andy our team!

John Fair

John Fair is a Senior Consultant with OSI. He is remarkably skilled in many aspects of the outdoor field, including extensive experience in whitewater rafting and stand up paddleboaring (SUP), rock climbing, and program management. He is also a WFR instructor. John directed the Eastern Washington University outdoor program (EPIC Adventures) from 2007-2015. We are thrilled to have John on board for his ability to work with many of the programs seeking risk management guidance from OSI. One of John's unique strengths is his ability to be concise, from trimming program manuals down to the essentials to a remarkable efficiency in his review projects, all without sacrificing proficiency. Don't let the brevity of his words suggest a lack of quality; he is one of the best!

Here, John talks about the role of OSI in conducting risk management reviews:


John shares the main function of a reviewer:


John is such a great addition to our team!

Gennifre Hartman

Gennifre Hartman is OSI's International Programming Consultant. With a breadth of experience leading and creating educational and adventure travel programs around the world, especially in developing countries, she offers quality guidance around all the aspects of what can go wrong and how to do things right when managing trips abroad. From setting up policies and service projects to managing the unexpected in a foreign land, Gennifre has proven herself invaluable to programs either just expanding across the border or already established in their ventures afar. Beside a lifetime of skill in international adventuring, her natural charisma gives her an easy workability, and you might just find that attitude is some of the glue beyond the planning that helps make your trip a safe success.

Here, Gennifre shares what she loves about working with OSI (spoiler: extraordinary clients and an amazing team of professionals!):


Gennifre discusses three specific considerations for international programming:


Gennifre's skillset is immensely valued, and the programs she works with attest to that.

We can't speak highly enough of our consultants, from their personability and professionalism to their ability to support your outdoor program in meeting its risk management goals. Ready for risk management guidance? Our exceptional team is here to offer insight around the things you might not notice without expert outside observation along with the tools to transform them into the optimal approach. We offer a number of services customizable to the unique aspects of each program; find out the basics of a risk management review and other services to get started.

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