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Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device Recall

Petzl has issued an important recall for GriGri 2's falling within a range of serial numbers. Excessive force may cause the handle to jam in the open position, thereby disabling the assisted braking function. According to Petzl, if the handle jams open the device will continue to function in a manner similar to a manual (tube style) belay device. Seven jammed devices have been received by Petzl with no reports of injuries. This is a good time to remember that belayers should always keep their brake hand on the rope when using any GriGri.

This is the latest in a recent string of Petzl recalls. The Scorpio and Absorbica Lanyards were recalled in May 2011 and the 2010 Nomic and Ergo Ice Tools were recalled in the fall of 2010. Given Petzl's legendary commitment to safety and quality, the volume of these recalls is a bit surprising. Still, it is good to see Petzl being proactive and recalling faulty equipment as soon as it becomes clear something is wrong. In addition to the recalls inferior counterfeit versions of some Petzl products have appeared on the market in Asia.

Petzl's recall notice as of June 20th, 2011:



Recall for Replacement: GRIGRI 2

Concerns all GRIGRI 2's (D14 2O, D14 2G, D14 2B) with the first five digits of the serial number between 10326 and 11136.

Recalled Petzl GriGri 2


Petzl GriGri 2 recall - jammed handle

Petzl has discovered that exerting excessive force on the fully extended handle of the GRIGRI 2 can cause internal damage, such that the GRIGRI 2 handle may become stuck in the open position, as pictured in Figure 1 below [to the right].

When the handle is stuck in the position shown in Figure 1, the assisted braking function is disabled. A damaged GRIGRI 2 in this configuration will function similarly to a manual belay device (e.g. tube-style device).

When using a damaged GRIGRI 2 with the handle stuck in the open position, failure to control the braking side of the rope will dramatically increase the risk of an uncontrolled descent, possibly resulting in injury or death.


A GRIGRI 2 with a damaged handle must be immediately retired from service.

Please note that failure to control the braking side of the rope is a misuse of the GRIGRI 2 under any circumstance (See the GRIGRI 2 Technical Notice - pdf file, 2.5Mo).

As of June 20, 2011, seven damaged GRIGRI 2 units have been returned to Petzl through our worldwide distribution network. Petzl has no knowledge of any accidents resulting from a damaged GRIGRI 2 handle.

Petzl Response

Because the safety of our users is our primary concern, as a precautionary measure Petzl has decided to take the following actions:

  • Ask users to immediately stop using all GRIGRI 2's with the first five digits of the serial number between 10326 and 11136.
  • Recall all affected GRIGRI 2's and replace with new, revised versions.
  • Petzl will pay for all shipping costs to complete this replacement.
  • Increase the mechanical strength of the handle on all GRIGRI 2's from serial number 11137 onward.
  • Begin shipping replacement GRIGRI 2's immediately. Users will receive replacements in the same order they return their old units to Petzl.

Every one of us here at Petzl is committed to resolving this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device Recall

The previous generation GRIGRI is NOT affected by this recall.


For additional information and the latest updates on this recall, visit the GriGri 2 recall page on Petzl's website. The Petzl website lists international contact information for all countries with Petzl distribution.

Posted by

Alex Kosseff

on 6/20/11


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