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Rock Climbing in J-Tree

A rock climber leading a trad crack line in Joshua Tree National
Park, California

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Totem Cam Recall

Totem CamTotem cams has recalled some units due to an issue with their holding power in certain kinds of rock. Totem's statement:

"It has been brought to our attention regarding the Totem Cams sold prior to 31 December 2010 that the color anodizing of the cams gives them a surface hardness that may affect their holding power in certain areas of polished limestone and when the cams still retain their layer of anodizing on the area in contact with the rock.

This anodized layer gradually rubs off with use and may even be removed by hand with sandpaper. However, when used exclusively on low-adherence rocks this anodized layer is not easily removed, which means that the Totem Cam may have a diminished holding power, even when it has been used for some time. The Totem Cam’s grip is suitable for all areas once the anodized layer on the cams on the surface in contact with the rock has been completely rubbed off.

The new model of Totem Cam has microblasted cams instead of anodized ones, which ensures they have a suitable holding power right from the start, on all kinds of rocks and in all placements.

We deeply regret the inconvenience this circumstance may cause you.

We are extremely grateful to the climber who alerted us on this matter. The feedback we receive is essential for helping us to continuously improve our products."

The full details including information on replament of cams is available here on Totem's website.

Posted by

Alex Kosseff

on 1/18/11


Thanks for your product recall posts. Just subscribed to your RSS. Great info.

By Kieth Saunders on 03/19/2011 at 06:46 PM

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