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Rock Climbing in J-Tree

A rock climber leading a trad crack line in Joshua Tree National
Park, California

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“Alex brings to his work deep professional experience in his field, which includes a solid understanding of the legal environment in which his clients operate, as well as genuine appreciation for and commitment to their mission and practical needs.  He is an excellent choice to support national organizations with diverse programs across a wide range of activities.” 

— Laura Hoehn, General Counsel, Sierra Club

"MYE had a thorough risk management plan in place before we began working with OSI. They made it better in ways we could not see from within the organization."

— Andy Leider, Executive Director, Montana Yellowstone Expeditions (Now REACH)

"The Yellowstone Association has worked with Alex Kosseff from OSI several times over the last few years to review and improve the safety program for our field school (Yellowstone Association Institute) inside Yellowstone National Park.  We always enjoy working with him, and we are never disappointed in the results. I am particularly impressed with Alex's ability to talk with staff throughout the organization, grasp key issues and constraints, and then recommend improvements which are realistic and achievable. If you want to take your safety program to the next level, I highly recommend working with the folks at OSI.  The cost is reasonable, the process is simple, and the results are easy to see.  Our staff is very proud of the program we developed with their help."

—  Jeff Brown, Executive Director, Yellowstone Association

“Alex provided an invaluable outside perspective to our organization and forced us to think about what we were doing, why we were doing it and how we could improve.  He was cognizant of our unique organizational structure and went out of his way to work within our system.  He spent the time to fully understand our program and provided guidance on how to improve strengths and build up on specific areas for improvement.  His experience in the outdoor industry put our staff at ease and allowed an accurate assessment of whether the program's goals aligned with the realities of the in the field practices.   He provided a manageable report that helped us see that we needed to put more resources into our training resources, emergency response protocols and maintaining consistency across different programs. . . . The entire review process was customized to our needs and was adapted to our unique operation.”

—  Jay Creagh, Wilderness Program Director, Camp Manito-wish YMCA 

“Eagle Mount benefited greatly from a comprehensive Safety and Risk Management audit by the Outdoor Safety Institute. . . . They showed a real sensitivity to the needs of the population we serve, but held the safety bar just as high…if not higher. The feedback we got was terrific – spot on, realistic, and in tune with our organizational culture. The best part of working with OSI is that, because it’s a purely voluntary process, Alex and the staff approached the work in a supportive way. They asked helpful questions, and pointed out areas in which a single organizational policy might be more effective than program-level procedures. They evaluated our training, internal systems, and equipment in addition to our actual program operations. Their recommendations were specific and detailed. In the end, most of the changes we made were pretty minor in scope, but the chance to focus everyone – board, staff, volunteers, and participants – on safety and how WE can improve definitely made us a stronger organization. I believe this is something every adaptive sports organization should do.”

— Mary Peterson, Executive Director, Eagle Mount 

I have the highest regards for Alex Kosseff and the Outdoor Safety Institute.  As program director for Big Sky Youth Empowerment (BYEP), it is crucial that I have all my t’s crossed and i’s dotted regarding risk management.  For several years, Alex and OSI have guided BYEP with safety, liability and program management solutions.  Despite Alex’s massive expertise in this field, he is an incredibly down-to-Earth person who is professional, diligent, and positive.  Whether the details involve management, legal, medical, or insurance perspectives, Alex covers all the bases and ensures that organizations like BYEP are providing adventures and education in the safest and most optimal way.”

—  Dave Granger, Program Director, Big Sky Youth Empowerment


What OSI Clients Say

What OSI Clients Say About Risk Management Support and Consulting Services

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