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"Alex provided an invaluable outside perspective to our organization . . . The entire review process was customized to the needs of our unique operation."
                   — Jay Creagh, former Wilderness Program Director, Camp Manito-wish YMCA

The outdoor industry has learned a tremendous amount about managing safety and liability issues over the past twenty-five years. Unfortunately, few outdoor-oriented organizations are able to take full advantage of this growing risk management expertise. The Outdoor Safety Institute provides every outdoor program affordable access to a world-class risk management team.

A risk management review (sometimes referred to as an audit or assessment) is a systematic approach to assessing the risks within a program. Often, organizations are unaware of current best practices or risk management gaps within their organization. An OSI review provides an objective perspective on these critical issues.

Twiggy Fire | Alex KosseffOur review service begins with a two-part online risk management assessment that collects basic information about your program. This initial assessment informs our expert reviewer prior to an on-site visit (typically two days). Guided by our proprietary review process, the reviewer will interview staff and review equipment, facilities and documentation.

OSI’s streamlined review process is simpler and more time-efficient than other peer review approaches. The result is a comprehensive report designed to guide your organization's next steps.

We also offer an online risk assessment that is less time-consuming and lower in cost than our full risk management review. This is a great starting point for evaluating risk management practices, especially for small organizations with a limited range of outdoor activities.

outdoor & wilderness risk management services PDF iconDownload a two-page description of OSI's risk management review offerings including pricing information. Contact OSI to learn more or to set up a review for your program.

Our subscription service provides your program with the best risk management team in the industry. For a manageable monthly fee, OSI gives you access to a comprehensive set of risk management tools, including:

  • Risk management review (every 3 years)
  • Access to OSI's online resource library
  • Ongoing support from the OSI Team (via phone, email, or video conference)
  • Crisis response support
  • Use of OSI's name & logo for marketing

Contact OSI to learn more or to become a subscriber.

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Custom Consulting: Risk Management Planning, Documentation Development, Program Development

Incident Review: Helping programs understand the cause of serious incidents

Expert Witness Services: Assisting plaintiffs and defendants with outdoor legal cases

Training: Leadership Training, Risk Management Training, Skills Training, Crisis Response Training

"OSI has been an invaluable resource to the Yellowstone Association in developing and continuing to expand and improve our risk management program. From field risk management to transportation safety, working with Alex Kosseff and OSI has been an important part of our risk management efforts."
                              —Jenny Golding, Director of Education, Yellowstone Association Institute


Why Conduct a Risk Management Review Graphic: Safety: help prevent harm to participants or staff (most incidents are preventable) Reputation: avoiding incidents prevents crippling damage to your program’s reputation Legal: be certain you are taking appropriate steps now in case an incident does occur Marketing: OSI will help you advertise the fact that your safety practices are top-notch Management: support managers while reassuring senior leadership about risk management and your Board of Directors about safety and liability Cost: Even with insurance the expense to your organization of one serious injury can far outweigh the costs of prevention

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What OSI Clients Say

What OSI Clients Say About Risk Management Support and Consulting Services

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